GLOW Refund Policy

Refunds will be processed on a goodwill basis, but unless legally obligated, GLOW reserves the right to refuse refunds based on the criteria outlined below.

GLOW Refund Policy

If you bought your ticket from GLOW's official accounts you can get a refund if GLOW cancels, moves or reschedules the event. In this event, you may get a refund by contacting us at with the subject line 'Refund'.

We cannot refund you if your ticket was bought from a reseller or secondary ticketing website, a private seller or a fan-to-fan website.

You're not entitled to a refund if you change your mind about going or realise you can't go anymore.

Multi artist events may include changes in lineup which does not constitute material change, and therefore do not qualify for a refund.

In The Event Of A Refund

You will receive the face value of the ticket back minus any costs accrued in the booking process. This includes the fees Ticket Tailor imposes on GLOW for the use of its platform, which includes a sales fee and a separate refund fee.

Reselling GLOW Tickets

If you can no longer make the event or no longer wish to attend, GLOW cannot offer you a refund but you are welcome to sell your ticket privately as long as you make no false claims surrounding the ticket, or any offers relating to GLOW's products and services.

Please note we will not refund a ticket bought from a private seller, nor does the private seller in any way represent GLOW or the parties that make up the official partnership behind GLOW.

Substitution Tickets

If you cannot attend but would like to gift your ticket to someone else in your stead then this is fine for general admission tickets only. This cannot be done with Everyday Access Passes. You must notify us in writing at least 48 hours before the event by emailing with your name and the name of the person inheriting your ticket.

Everyday Access Passes

You must not give your ticket to anyone else for use if you cannot attend. It can only be used by the allocated individual and ID will be required to prove this upon entry. If you have bought multiple everyday access tickets under one name, it will be allocated based on 'first use' i.e. the individual who first uses it will be the only one able to use it for the duration of the festival.

Early Bird Tickets

We apologise if you miss out on early bird tickets, but we cannot retrospectively process refunds nor can we extend early bird offers to accommodate those who missed out. Early bird tickets are provided at GLOW's discretion and are seen as goodwill rather than an obligation. We release a limited number of early bird tickets for most of our events as a gesture of goodwill to our subscribers, if they do not sell out to subscribers they are available to the general public. Unfortunately once these are gone they are gone.

Refused Entry Or Being Asked To Leave The Venue

Venue management, security or staff reserve the right to refuse admission and may conduct security searches on entry. Should you be refused entry for any reason, including but not limiting to how you are dressed, we are not liable to refund you for the ticket you have purchased.

If you are asked to leave the venue due to inappropriate behaviour or due to being overly intoxicated, we will not retrospectively issue a refund and unless in the case of extreme circumstances will not investigate the issue further.

Lost tickets

As tickets are provided digitally we cannot refund 'lost' tickets.

Last Entry Time

Some events at GLOW may have a last entry time, please double check this with us. If you are refused entry based on the time then we will not refund your ticket.

Children & Dogs

Dogs are not permitted in the venue at any time apart from guide dogs. Children under 18 are not permitted in the venue. If you have bought tickets for a child please contact us at

Other Policies To Note